Asbestos Removals

Asbestos Removals Available in the Sydney Area

Looking for safe asbestos removal in Sydney?

At Evolve Demolition, we have been safely and correctly removing asbestos for over 10 years. We directly comply with the SafeWork NSW Code of Practice under section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act (the WHS Act) and the WHS Regulations. For any jobs over 10 square metres we formally engage with a asbestos removal licence holder.

Prior to any works commencing, we will first identify whether the asbestos is friable or non friable, along with the amount we need to remove. This will then help us to generate an asbestos removal control plan, which is readily available on site whilst the works are taking place. From here, we will identity any applicable hazards on site and ensure the correct signage and barricades are erected and clearly stating that there will be asbestos removal taking place. Next, prior to any asbestos removal work being carried out, we will notify any other workmen on site, as well as neighboring properties and give them ample notice of when and how long the work will take. If necessary, we will have air-monitoring machines in place to continually monitor the surrounding air. All our workers who remove asbestos contaminated surfaces will be wearing specially designed disposable PPE that is then sealed and disposed of after completion of the job. Upon starting the removal process, as well as in regular intervals throughout the removal process, all asbestos contaminated surfaces will be hosed down to help keep the dust particles from becoming airborne. During the removal process, every piece of asbestos contaminated surface that is removed will be double bagged in 200UM builder’s film and securely taped. No asbestos will be left on the property, instead will be immediately stored in our trucks ready to be correctly disposed of at a waste facility. The waste facilities that we use and accept asbestos disposal include:

·         Suez Recycling Centre’s

·         Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

Once all works are completed, a secondary licensed asbestos remover will attend the site to complete a clearance certificate. By law, we are not allowed to complete a clearance certificate for a removal job we have completed; a secondary license holder will always be required for the final part of the process. 

Exposure to asbestos has closely linked to health problems such as cancer of the heart and some other forms of cancers. The longer people are exposed to asbestos, the greater their risk of developing these types of illnesses, and suffering their harmful effects. The main problem when dealing with asbestos removal is the precaution and expertise required.

This is where Evolve Demolition can use it’s experience, knowledge and professional tools to remove asbestos safely and efficiently from your residential or commercial premises. We offer our asbestos removal services for up to 10 square meters. We will remove your asbestos in the most professional and safe manner and you can be rest assured that your property, family members and friends will be free of any harmful materials or toxins.